The rants and raves of a pretty good speller, Leeanne Seaver.

me by HMG
photo by Henri Medinilla Grau in Albuquerque NM

I also take pictures . . .
See: http://www.seavercreative.com
and I take book commissions
as writer, ghostwriter, or editor. . .

Recent book commissions (available on Amazon) include:

In Support of Community: The History of the Vicksburg Foundation (Author, 2022)

Proud But Never Satisfied: Ten Transformative Actions for Healthcare (Author, 2021 Huron Press)

Create Amazing (co-Writer with Greg Graves, 2021 Ben Bella Books)

Slings & Arrows (Developmental Editor, 2020 Vellum Press)

Poetic Theft and Truths in Verse The Collected Works of C.M. Masner (Editor; 2017 and 2020, KDP)

Cura: The Convergence of Science & Spirit (Ghostwriter, 2017 Balboa Press)

Becoming Marjorie: The Biography of Marjorie Powell Allen (Author, 2017 The Powell Foundation)

The Pulse of Hope: Memoirs of America’s First Successful Heart Surgeon (Ghostwriter, 2014 Walsworth)

A Healthier Wei by Julie Wei, MD (Ghostwriter, 2012 Reactor)

I love my job!


Unless otherwise cited, all the words and pictures
on this site are mine.

Leeanne Seaver © 2015 to present
Liana at the Library

Get all the deets on me from LinkedIn:

If you are interested in purchasing, re-posting/printing
or otherwise sharing my copyright-protected work,
please contact me at ideas@seavercreative.com

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