The Charlie Millard Band

As soon as you think you’ve landed The Charlie Millard Band safely in a genre, their next song sends you spinning back into a cosmos of musicality and originality that defies compartmentalization—and gravity, for that matter.

Yes, that’s Charlie nearly levitating from the kinetics of his voice and virtuosity. This guy is theatrical the same way a Tesla lamp is electrical–Charlie is amped, and so is everybody listening.

Charlie plays ambidextrously on two keyboards (often simultaneously) and leads vocals from paean to ballad to blues with this swinging arc that you realize was a segue when he’s moved seamlessly onto the next song. The energy just keeps ramping up.

Waits and Cave waft into the mood, but the Millards–Charlie and Jercat on guitar, harmonica, and back-up vocals–own their own sound, with help from Will Harris on drums.

Jercat and Charlie co-write and perform together with an easy blend you’d expect from damn fine musicians who are obviously having a great deal of fun with this family affair.

The last song isn’t over, even after they’ve left the stage… it’s still playing in your mind. When it finally ebbs, check out their touring schedule at and plan accordingly.

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