Create Amazing

Really excited to see Greg Graves’s book headed to press (#BenBellaBooks). Co-writing and editing a tome on #ESOPS (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) with Greg opened my eyes to a proven solution to #economicjustice and recovery: #employeeownership

#CreateAmazing is exactly what this country needs right now!

And getting an endorsement from THE bestselling author #JimCollins instantly solved the challenge of a front cover squib!!

After a little over a year, we went from a conversation to a book. Thanks, GG, for this:

“Thank you to my co-author and editor, Leeanne Seaver. I met Leeanne while she was penning the University of Kansas Health System turnaround story. She is very good at what she does. She’s a wordsmith and collaborator; tough as to her standards of quality and integrity, but also consistently patient and encouraging of me. Hiring Leeanne was my best editorial decision. She shepherded me to the end.”

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