Letter to Jenny

Somewhere in the Book of Mary Magdalene it is written just like that, Jenny, a desperate prayer that must leave the room, go out behind the barn or beyond the bivouac, and remain hidden from a civilization that doesn’t want to hear it. So you get to keep it . . . take it with you now.

Never for a moment doubt that you are still on the old, old path, albeit somewhere near Detroit where your words will grow like wildflowers through concrete into a space made sacred by them.

This takes patience . . . and this is what you do when you have lost it or are just lost lost lost…………………………patiently
work the muscle of endurance (JB’ism).

Make an art of it . . . make a science of it . . . make light of it . . . make a shrine to it.

Know it for what it is: the thing you make of it. 

That’s all it is.

That’s all anything is.

And, trust me, the power of that is more than we can ever really grasp.

~ Liana © 6/16

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